The AK LAB consists of the following members representing their relevant fields of expertise.

DWK Life Sciences
Laboratory glassware

Dr. Suzanne Zangi
Ursula Körner
Dr. Christel Schmidt

Dr. Weigert
Process chemicals

German Beck
Linda Ertl
Beate Zielonka

Miele Professional
Lab washers and sterilisers

Marion Anacker
Dr. Roy Schneider
Michael Sedlag

The working group has set itself the goal of compiling a set of guidelines in selecting the required components for use by laboratories containing application-specific expertise. Its purpose is to provide users with a sense of security in designing processes for reprocessing laboratory glassware and in selecting the required components

AK LAB brochure

The brochure provides tips to users on the following topics:

  • Choice of materials
  • Process chemicals
  • Water quality
  • Automated reprocessing
  • Sterilisation
  • Storage
  • Reprocessing workplace design

Language versions
The brochure is available in both digital and printed form in the following languages:


Our AK LAB brochure can be ordered as a printed version from the following address. Please note the attached terms and conditions.

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or via posted mail

office – das büro
Frieda-Nadig-Str. 53
D-33332 Gütersloh

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1 – 9 copies: 15,00 €
10 – 99 copies: 10,00 €
100 – 199 copies: 8,00 €
200 – 499 copies: 7,50 €
500 und mehr copies: 6,00 €
  1. This brochure does not replace the manufacturer's instructions on reprocessing laboratory glassware and laboratory equipment. The ordering party undertakes not to use this brochure in conjunction with the marketing of laboratory products and to refrain from any activity which may suggest that the brochures contain instructions from manufacturers.
  2. AK LAB retains exclusive copyright and all other proprietary rights for the brochures compiled by AK LAB. Duplication or the use of images, charts and / or texts in any other electronic or printed publications requires the express permission of AK LAB and is forbidden without it.
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